What to expect

Whatever it is, our Chinese Medicine practitioners, Jeff Shearer and Adrian Taricani are likely to have a treatment strategy for it – including: stress relief, muscle pain, digestive issues, fertility, migraines and more.

Short and long-term

We look at the whole picture. This means you can enjoy short-term relief. But, more importantly, we work to address underlying causes. The result? Long-term results are more likely to be achieved.

Session length & fees

Sessions usually run for approximately 50 minutes.

Single session: AUS $95 incl. GST

Have private health extras cover?

Your session with us could be cheaper, if your cover allows rebates for acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.

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Our practitioners can help you to feel better through:

In essence, acupuncture needles are used to stimulate the nerves and hormones. Jeff’s sterile and disposable needles are much finer than needles used for injections, creating significantly less (if any) sensation.


Jeff may recommend a Chinese herbal formula created especially for you. The herbs come in tablet, capsule or powder form and are easy to take. All herbs are high quality and meet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority standards.


Whether you are interested in losing or gaining weight, or building your immunity for better health, Jeff can talk through a manageable nutrition plan that suits your tastes and your budget. No radical changes will be asked of you. A gradual shift is usually the key to successful eating and drinking. Some vitamins may also be recommended.


Feeling out of kilter? Your life may be consumed by work and/or family demands. Or you might just need a motivational boost to get that healthy balance back again. Whatever it is, Jeff is qualified to help. And he has a plan that’s grounded in reality and manageable for you.


Firstly, we will talk to you about what might be bothering you, and possibly check you pulse and/or the colour and texture of your tongue. More about pulse and tongue diagnosis.


It’s usually just a matter of lying on the treatment table. Most clients don’t need to remove clothing for a treatment, as our needle technique mainly focuses on the hands and feet – yes, even if your pain or problem is a completely different area of the body. Curious? More about ‘meridians’


With your permission, our practitioners will apply acupuncture needles in areas specifically designed for your individual condition. We may ask how you are feeling as after the needle is inserted. If you have a specific pain, for example, you may find the pain easing or disappearing altogether. We may also incorporate a variety of other techniques to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment, such as a short massage in a particular problem area or cranialsacral therapy.

The number of needles depends on the condition. Once the needles are in, we usually leave the room. This allows you time to relax and the treatment to have a greater affect. The needles are often left in for approximately 20-30 minutes. Before leaving the room, your practitioner will be given a ‘beeper’ with a button you can press if you need assistance at any time.


After the treatment, your practitioner will talk to you about what can happen next. An effective treatment plan may require more than one consultation to ensure your symptoms abate and do not return. Herbs may also be recommended as part of your plan (more about herbs). Your practitioner will discuss your best options and respect your right to decide on further action.


Adrian Taricani & Jeff Shaerer
Adrian Taricani & Jeff ShaererHealth Practitioners
You’re in excellent hands. Both our Chinese Medicine practitioners are highly experienced, APHRA registered and – our clients often say – are really nice people to talk with. Read more
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