The not-so-early bird

The not-so-early bird

Okey dokey. Our last e-news letter suggested making your spring changes early. Have you done this?  If not, that’s okay. I’ll let you in on a secret: You are human. Still, now that winter is over, are you still itching to look and feel better? If so, I am here to help ‘spring clean’ your health. But where to begin?

Why don’t we start with where not to start?

There are always a million detoxification programs on offer this time of year. Dextox programs can be fine. By consuming less harmful foods (e.g. wheat, dairy, non-natural sugar, caffeine, gluten) and increasing ones that support the body’s natural system (e.g. leafy greens, fruit, legumes) we can eliminate toxins from our body. This can help us to feel more energetic, have better digestion, clear headaches, lose extra weight and more.

But there are two problems:

Is it okay for you to detox?

Taking on a standard detoxing program can be dangerous for some of us (e.g. those with anemia, diabetes kidney disease, and pregnant women).

The short detox

Given that it’s safe for you to detox, there is a great temptation to take on the ones that are quick and relatively painless. A 3-day detox is not really going to do much other than make you feel virtuous. Think of how long you have been mistreating your body. How is a 3-day detox even going to touch the sides? If you want long-term results, the best option is to consider a longer-term solution.

3 key considerations for your health ‘spring clean’:

One month detox

A decent detox program should really last for at least a month. Before freaking out about staying off coffee for a month, just think “It is only a month. It is only coffee.” We are used to certain habits. They are our comfort zone. But just imagine if coffee had never been invented, or you had never started drinking it. There would be no problem, would there? It is only a month. At the end of that month you will have done it.

Take a look at exercise, then do some

Now just because you ran 10 km once doesn’t mean you should just go out and attempt a 10 km run now – unless, of course, you did it last week. The best way to ruin a spring tidy up is to injure yourself through over-ambition. Not used to doing exercise? Then definitely get some professional advice before launching onto a gym or running track.

Get the right information

There is a lot of conflicting information about health out in the media. So make sure you are at the starting line with the facts. Let’s start with some basics. Losing 10 kilos in a week is highly unlikely based on the use of a single product. Losing 10 kilos in one week is also likely to create a lot of stress on your system. In short, have a healthy, balanced diet and reasonable goals based on the right information.
Note: A breakfast cereal in the supermarket that offers to “keep you looking good” while claiming high levels of B12, iron and folate usually has the nutritional value of cardboard. It pays to know what you are really eating.

So what should you eat? What goals are reasonable for you?

That is why we are here. Our practitioners are trained to help you with a detox program – designed especially for you – that will improve your health for the long-term. Not just for spring.

This may include: acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbalism, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice. Whatever suits you and your body, so you feel better and better.

To find out more about how we can help contact us or Book Now.

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