Surviving Christmas

October ticked over this year and as it did up went the Christmas decorations at my local shopping centre. Face palm ensued. Look I get it, commercial enterprises are looking at ways to keep their bottom line out of the red, and we are currently in an economic quagmire affecting this. The problem is this just seems to ramp up the pressure on the average Joe or Josephine.

Why does it matter?

As the Christmas period gets closer we all seem to get into a frenzy. Trying to get all the presents, making sure we catch up with everyone we know before Christmas and seemingly starting new projects or trying to finish ones we have started. And as you would expect this can send our stress levels through the roof. As we know that stress is one of the major contributing factors to a whole range of health issues including:

So Christmas while a great time of year can certainly put a spanner in the works affecting your health and you having a good time.

How can you manage it better?

First we need to keep it all in perspective. The idea of setting an arbitrary deadline to get a whole bunch of non- Christmas related projects or activities is quite often unreasonable. Of course we would like to get the house painting finished before the end of the year but placing undue stress on ourselves to do so can result in unwanted outcomes as per above. Does it really matter if it doesn’t get finished until Feb?

Trying to catch up with all of your friends and family before the deadline is also not necessarily reasonable. Try to reduce the amount of events you attend or put on over the next couple of months to help keep you sane and make sure you enjoy them as opposed to them just becoming a chore. I love spreading things out so I put off catching up with some friends until January. That way I don’t get to New Year and head into 2024 knackered and emotionally drained.

If you have kids limiting their activities as well can help prevent them becoming wired, unhappy and an added handful.

Keep up or introduce some healthy habits including:

  • Regular exercise – it doesn’t have to be heaps just a bit every day.
  • Stretching 10 mins per day
  • Meditation 10 minutes per day
  • Fresh food diet
  • Reduce or eliminate your alcohol consumption ( I will if you will )
  • Rest – time out doing nothing is an important way for our nervous system to reset.

Take the time to plan your approach to Christmas this year and make it not just survivable but something you enjoy.

As always if we can help with any of your health issues or concerns or you need some help implementing a healthier happier lifestyle we are here to help.

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Jeff Shearer has been in practice since 1995 and
loves sharing his knowledge on better ways to live.