Stressed? Find the ebb…to create the flow

Got some health problems? Maybe you are feeling little stressed. Perhaps other people in your life are being difficult. Or all of the above.

Stop for a minute. Take a breath. Now take a look around you.

It’s no surprise to discover the world is a busy place. Some of the following points might feel familiar to you:

  • constant push for increasing profit margins
  • fast technological advancements that are impossible to keep up with
  • your 40 hour week being replaced by a 60 hour week
  • social engagements on school nights to keep up
  • expenditure on stimulants rising faster than our foreign debt

What about time out?

No, not to sleep. Time to reflect, rejuvenate and renew your focus. If we are constantly buried in activity, how do we know where we are going – or even if we are heading in the right direction?

Look at the cycles of nature

There is a time for growth and a time for hibernation. Chinese Medical theory suggests acknowledgement and adherence to this natural ebb and flow. If we are constantly focused on growth, we have no ability to rejuvenate for the next cycle.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine sees it

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies most illness as a lack of natural flow resulting in undesirable symptoms. For example:

  • Depression is a lack of flow due to a lack of energy or feeling ‘stuck’
  • Anxiety and hypertension are seen as energy rising when it should fall, this can create a blockage leading to heart attack or stroke
  • PMT indicates the menstrual cycle is not flowing and creates pain, congestion and emotional distress
  • Headaches in many cases can be due to neck and shoulder tension affecting the blood and nerve supply to the brain

These are just some simple examples of how changing the natural course of human physiology can cause short-term problems. Left unchecked, these problems can create more serious ones.

We live in a world now that flouts the laws of nature. We have become so far removed that reverting to our natural state seems impossible.

But it’s not impossible.

You can live in harmony with your environment and yourself.  Just listen to the messages. Symptoms are an indication of something that is not quite right.  Take notice of them and act.

Contact us for more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you to get into a flow – so you feel better and better.

Yours in health,
Jeff Shearer