Pregnancy Acupuncture Newcastle

Is pregnancy acupuncture safe?

Current research suggests that any risks associated with acupuncture are minimal. At Evolve Natural Medicine we do not needle the torso or trunk of the body so the only risks are minimal bruising or swelling in the case of hitting a blood vessel, minor discomfort at the site of the needle or infection. As we practice strict infection control measures this risk is largely non-existent.

What can pregnancy acupuncture potentially help with?

Pregnancy acupuncture can be useful in a wide range of issues common in pregnancy and also obviously for non-pregnancy related issues as well.

As the body changes throughout the pregnancy period body aches and pains can be a normal part of the process. Just because it is normal it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it.

Sciatica is a common issue and is defined by localised pain on one side of the back that can extend into the hip and down the leg. This can have a major impact on quality of life affecting mood, sleep and day to day function.

Morning sickness can be incredibly debilitating and can range from mild nausea to constant vomiting throughout the day. Morning sickness can also last from a couple of weeks to the entire pregnancy so it is important to address the issue early to reduce the severity and the impact it can have on your life. Pregnancy acupuncture is often considered to assist in reducing the severity and duration of symptoms.

Lower back pain is another issue that occurs due to the ongoing changes throughout the musculoskeletal system. As your baby grows it increases the pressure on your mid and lower back particularly and can lead to excessive tension and pain over time. Slowly changing sleeping positions also applies more stress to specific body regions.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can occur later in pregnancy due to increased fluid retention. This fluid causes swelling through the carpal tunnel region compressing the tendons that supply the wrist and hand. As a result, numbness, tingling and pain can occur.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition where an increase in blood pressure occurs and includes swelling and protein in the urine. This is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent danger to mother and baby.

Heartburn is common in the later stages of pregnancy due to increased abdominal pressure. This forces the contents of the stomach into the oesophagus particularly when lying down causing a burning type pain that can affect sleep.

Anxiety occurs naturally throughout our lives, however if it increases too much then it can affect our day-to-day functioning affecting sleep, relationships, digestion, blood pressure and our enjoyment of life. It can become more common particularly in the early stages of pregnancy and/ or if there were difficulties conceiving. Pregnancy acupuncture aims to calm the nervous system and help return the body to homeostasis or balance.

Breech presentation is a situation where prior to birth the baby is not in the ideal position, which is head down. This can create risks associated with the birth process to both mother and baby. Often in the case of breech presentation at term a caesarean section will be performed. There is a specific technique used in pregnancy acupuncture that is traditionally used to move the baby into the correct position.

Birth Preparation

Pre-birth preparation is a common consideration with the idea of calming the nervous system, loosening the hips and back to help improve the birth experience and reduce any possible risks. Normally we recommend weekly pregnancy acupuncture treatments from week 34 up to the birth to get the best outcomes.

So you know you are receiving the best of safety and care it is important to know the training required for a Registered Chinese Medicine practitioner is between 4 and 5 years full time study. This includes approximately 1000 hours of needling specific training to ensure your safety. If you are considering treatment make sure your practitioner is a registered acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner. You can find out here. Jeff Shearer is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

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Disclaimer: Each individuals’ treatment and/ or results may vary from person to person depending on the specifics of the situation. Results are not promised or guaranteed as a result of receiving a treatment with Evolve Natural Medicine.