Regular Treatments for You

Do You Get Regular Treatments?

The saying often goes plumbers have leaking taps, landscapers have half-finished yards, and we can also add Chinese medicine practitioners don’t care for themselves like they recommend their clients do.

Why is it important to get regular treatments?

It’s not hard to answer really. Because it ensures we have better health and can catch issues before they become chronic. We say this to our clients all the time but making the time to do this for ourselves is not something we are used to doing.

Being able to engage in some regular care has another benefit other than the obvious health ones. It helps us to understand the difficulties our clients face in being able to engage with their health in the best possible way.

Many years ago, when I first started practicing massage, I went a period without getting a treatment. When I eventually decided to get a deep tissue massage, which is what I practiced at the time, I couldn’t believe how much it hurt and how intense the treatment was. The benefit of this experience was I became more compassionate and empathetic in my approach to providing treatment. Aka, it made me a better more considered practitioner.

I’ve also found over the years of getting regular treatments in a range of modalities that I identified things practitioners did that made me uncomfortable. I also learnt some cool tricks and techniques other practitioners used to make their clients more comfortable. Again this helped me improve as a practitioner and provide my clients with a better level of care.

Going back to the health benefits of regular treatments, we are often the lynch pin of our practice. Having to take time off due to avoidable injury or illness means we can’t look after our community as well as we would like. It also costs us money.

How do you ensure you are getting regular treatments?

For me I have learnt I can’t trust myself, so I set aside a day/ time in the week that is allotted for my regular treatments. If I don’t carve out the time, being a solo practitioner, often I will use that time to do something else for the practice. I always book the next treatment with whatever practitioner I am seeing at the end of each treatment. It’s so easy to forget to book in and before you know it 2 months have gone past.

What modalities do you consider?

My baseline is:

  • Chinese medicine
  • Massage
  • Osteopathy or Chiropractic
  • Counselling

Each of these provide different benefits and help me to stay on top of my health and encourage me to engage in healthier behaviours.

One last thing. Don’t forget the benefit of what it’s like to take some time out, lie on a table and have someone look after you for a change. You are definitely worth it.

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Jeff Shearer is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Newcastle, Australia. He has been teaching practitioners since 2009 helping them to become the best they can be to serve their communities better.