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I’ve been in practice since 1995, so you’re in excellent hands. Starting out as a massage therapist, I incorporated Chinese medicine in 2000. Since 2015, I have been working with acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle advice.

Clients often say I am more than in acupuncturist.  It’s usually because of our conversations. I take your whole body – your whole health – seriously. There’s no point in just looking at the area of your body that hurts, or is causing a problem. Understanding what’s going on for you and how you use your body is key to getting those long-term results. As a Chinese medicine practitioner I incorporate the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice making sure you get the best possible outcome in the shortest timeframe.

Understanding what’s really going on means first talking to you. Asking some questions and listening carefully. Depending on your situation, we may touch on how work or family activities may affect your health. We could discuss what you’re eating, what exercise you may enjoy. I may create a special Chinese herbal formula especially for you. And/or recommend Western supplements to help.

But, for most of your session time, you get to relax on the treatment table for acupuncture. By the end of your first treatment we’ve created a health plan especially for you. A manageable plan rooted in reality that suits you.

Our sessions are usually 50 minutes. So there’s time to talk through what is going to work best for your situation. And there’s also time to just lie on the treatment table in comfort while the needles do all the work. A perfect balance, wouldn’t you say?

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BSHc (Acu), Cert IV Massage Therapy, NLP
Bachelor of Acupuncture: Endeavour College (QLD)
I also regularly speak at national health conferences and train other health practitioners in how to create a successful practice with integrity, visit: www.EthicalPractice.net
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