Is acupuncture the same as dry needling?


Is acupuncture the same as dry needling?

No. There are certainly some similarities as they use the same type of needles but there are also vast differences. Essentially dry needling targets ‘trigger points’ where neuromuscular junctions occur and can be used to assist in releasing tight muscles.

This method in acupuncture is called ‘ashi’ or tender point needling and is only one part of a multitude of various techniques that can be used to resolve your symptom. Read more about it here. Acupuncture also provides a wider range of conditions it can treat as well as musculoskeletal issues including stress, pain, digestive issues, mental health, immune issues and reproductive health. For a more complete list of complaints that can be effectively treated using acupuncture click here

Training is also a big difference when comparing dry needling to acupuncture. In many cases a dry needling practitioner can become qualified in a weekend whereas a registered acupuncturist has to under go hundreds of hours of training specifically in needling. So there is certainly a big difference when comparing the two.

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