Is acupuncture safe?


Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is relatively safe when in the hands of a qualified and experienced practitioner. However it is important you are aware that there is a very minor risk of some cases causing pain, bleeding, bruising, or pneumothorax.

There have been no known cases of death in Australia caused by acupuncture and only a small handful of cases of pneumothorax have occurred in Australia.

Registered acupuncturists like Jeff Shearer are required to have hundreds of hours of needling training to be registered under the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. The increase in popularity of dry needling has led to a large divide in the potential safety of needling practices as dry needling practitioners are not required to adhere to any specific number of training hours. Registered acupuncture practitioners on average have upto 1000 hours of needle specific training. When in doubt seek acupuncture from a registered acupuncturist to ensure you are being handled with the utmost safety.

The risk of infection is very low and all practitioners adhere to a stringent code of skin penetration including the use of sterile one-use disposable needles.

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