Don’t freak out this spring

Don’t freak out this spring

It may not have happened yet. But in a month or so, you may want to shed some winter kilos to look good in your bikini or budgie smugglers. Or it could be something else. Whatever it is, a natural urge to tidy up your act is likely to come in around September. With more natural light comes more energy. With more energy, we feel more inspired to change. The urge to spring clean ourselves, as well as our homes, is a natural reaction.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is, when the urge happens, we want to achieve major changes in one week flat. We load ourselves up with too much ‘change ambition’ too quickly. What happens then? We freak out and give up. In essence, there is no long-term benefit. Instead there is generally more short-term pain.

What’s the answer?

This year, start thinking about the change now. Not next month. By creating a longer-term plan of attack (or rather, gentle change), you will be much more likely to succeed.

Why do I think this is true?

After 17+ years in health care, I’ve seen this (and experienced this) over and over again. Spring change overwhelm. It doesn’t help that our society has a habit of creating illusions. We think we are more disciplined than we actually are. We think taking on a challenge will be easier than it is. And we want results pronto. When these illusions aren’t realised, we feel like failures. Or we convince ourselves that we never really wanted the change anyway. Are we nuts? Why would you not want to have more energy, better mental clarity, less illness, better moods and more fun? And perhaps even a better sex drive?

So what’s the trick then?

Recognise the issues that need to change
Ask yourself, what are the likely contributors to those things you want to change. These issues could be:

  • extra pounds
  • lack of energy and motivation
  • aches, pains, etc.

Before you go any further here, get real information. Ignorance of the facts is a common obstacle in making our lives better. It’s important to undertsand what  contributes to our health problems. Educate yourself so you can make real decisions that create real benefits. This means real education. Not what the breakfast cereal advertisements tell you.

Create a plan

Create a step-by-step plan, and you are less likely to overwhelm yourself. As mentioned, when overwhelmed we often give up before we have even really begun. So make your plan realistic. Look at creating gradual change. Gradual changes are are far more sustainable than taking on too much too soon.

Begin and monitor

Start the process and check in to see if it’s working the way you want it to. If it isn’t, then identify the issues and make some adjustments. You will not always get it right first time. Remember you are human, so be patient and persistent. Perfection is not necessary. Just be better today than you were yesterday.

Need some help?

We are here to guide and support you, by:

  • tailoring an individual strategy to meet your specific goals.
  • keeping you motivated and properly paced
  • supporting you through any tough patches
  • giving you real information to get real, lasting results

For more information, please contact us. We would love to help.
Yours in Health

Jeff Shearer and Your Evolve Team.