Detox Myth Part 2: Getting your act together

Okeydokey. So, despite our last e-news letter suggesting that beginning to make your spring changes early, you have yet to engage the detox process. That’s okay because I’ll let you in on a secret….you are human. Yes, hard to admit sometimes I know. The great thing is though that you do feel the need to make a change. You are really now feeling the need to get your act together and tidy up your health. But where to start?

Why don’t we start with where not to start?

First off at this time of year there are a million and one detoxification programs on offer. The temptation for most of us is to take on the ones that are quick and relatively painless. Okay, so here’s the thing. A 3-day detox is not really going to do that much at all other than make you feel virtuous. Think of how long you have been mistreating your body. I know denial until now has been a good policy. How is a 3-day detox even going to touch the sides? If you want long term results then the best option is to consider a longer term solution.

A decent detox program should really last for at least a month.

Now before you get all freaked out about having to stay off coffee for a month just think about it. It is only a month and its only coffee. The biggest challenge we face with change is the psychology of it. We are used to certain habits. They are our comfort zone. But just imagine if coffee had never been invented or you had never started drinking it. Now there would be no problem would there? Apart from this it is only a month and at the end of that month you will have done it.

Okay, next let’s take a look at exercise.

Now just because you ran 10 km once doesn’t mean you should just go out and attempt a 10 km run now. Unless of course you did it last week! The best way to ruin a spring tidy up is to injure yourself through being over ambitious. Most importantly if you have not had much experience in the arena of exercise then it is definitely worth getting some professional advice.


…we need to make sure that we are at the starting line with the right information. Let’s face it there is a lot of conflicting information about health out in the media but perhaps we could start with some basics. Losing 10 kilos in a week is highly unlikely based on the use of an isolated product. Not to mention that that much weight loss in that short a period of time is likely to create a lot of stress on your system. A breakfast cereal that offers to keep you looking good while claiming high levels of B12, Iron and Folate actually has the nutritional value of cardboard. Deep down you know this but that denial gremlin has been messing with you.

Not sure who to turn to?

Well that’s why we are here. Our practitioners are trained to help you engage in activities that will improve your health for the long term making sure it’s not just spring that creates positive results. We offer consultations that include acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbalism, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice to make sure you feel better and better. Get your health on track and contact us now.

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Yours in Health

Jeff Shearer