Detox Newcastle

Detox Newcastle – and other springtime fairy tales

It’s that time of year again.  The weather gets warmer.  Our clothes get thinner and shorter….and we freak out about the state of our bodies and how we have mistreated it over winter.

Luckily, with spring comes a natural increase in energy and a desire for renewal (phew!).  So then we decide we are going to lose 400 kilos, tone up, get that killer tan (no pun intended), and launch ourselves into a hardcore detox.

But hold it just a minute.

We are expecting everything to be in full flight overnight.

This is insane.  It hasn’t worked the past ‘x’ years, so what makes us think this year will be any different?

To achieve a lasting and worthwhile change we need to start slowly and build on our success.  To take on all these tasks at once is to court with disappointment.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Write it all down
    Begin with writing down a ‘reasonable’ list of the things that you want to achieve.
    Then leave it for a day, come back to it and make any additional notes. Give the items on the list a number denoting what is most and least important.

Now to action… (yes, I know you have been chomping at the bit for this part)

  1. Detox (detoxification of your body)
    This is not something that can realistically be achieved over night.  A truly effective detox takes at least a month. 
    Start by reducing processed foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.  Next cut out heavy carbs like bread, pasta and rice. Finally think about your caffeine and alcohol intake – gradually reducing them to zero.   Oh, and you need to cut out refined sugar too.
    Remember: you don’t have to give up the things you like forever, but you do for a time if you want to achieve a complete and effective detox.
  2. Weight-loss
    Statistics show that extreme weight-loss programs are far less likely to achieve a healthy weight range for the long-term.
    Make gradual changes that are consistent.  You will be more likely to incorporate these changes as part of your daily life.
    Tip: There are many misnomers related to good weight-loss foods and programs.  If you don’t know about them contact us.
  3. Fitness
    One of the great issues associated with this is a tendency to come out of the gates at a gallop.  By doing this we can injure ourselves or create so much pain we are unable or unmotivated to continue the program we set for ourselves. 

    Start with a couple of days a week at a gentle pace until your body becomes used to the activity.  Then increase the frequency and intensity in gradual stages.  Like athletes plan and prepare for a race, we need to plan and prepare for fitness.

This spring make a change for the better – and not for just a couple of weeks.

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Yours in Health

Jeff Shearer