Is ‘newness’ raising your anxiety? Some simple tips can help.

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We appear to have a need for newness in our lives. Have you noticed? And this constant change for ‘new’ can create anxiety. But with that, it also creates the surge of adrenalin we have come to love. This addiction to the adrenalin rush is also the cause many illnesses – some illnesses you may not equate with anxiety at first glance. And in the rush, we can lose the ability to question what we are actually seeking.  And who we really are.

About stuff

You know this already. Magazines and advertising promotes the smooth skin, slim figures, glowing white toothed grin look that is the image of ‘perfection’. We are becoming a society that is based on youth worship – in the physical and external sense. Smaller mobile phones with extra features are ‘a must’. A car more than six years old can attract looks of disdain. This constant need to keep up with the Jones’ creates more and more stress. Working harder to buy all the things that will ‘make you whole’ will only put you in one.

Anxiety is common

This may surprise you. Clients come through my clinic door – one after the other – suffering from anxiety. Not all, but many. A client may come in about a shoulder pain. But its remarkable how often the conversation steers around to anxiety. Why are they anxious? Often it boils down to a feeling of not making the grade. Not being enough. Depression is discussed in the same terms. Trying so hard to reach the grade often leads to physical breakdown, or just plain burnout. The frustration and illness fed from of this illusive ‘grade’ is clear and way too common.

The ‘Newness Problem’ and anxiety

Having new, and looking new, is all part of reaching the grade. Or trying to. We can never be satisfied by our achievements. Why? Because they will always be in the past – and they will always be imperfect achievements. Because we are imperfect. Because we are human. So we look to the future for something better, something perfect. Once we ‘do this’ or ‘buy that’ it’ll all be okay. But, of course, it never is.

What are we doing to create anxiety?

It’s the obvious question. Your body will give you valuable clues as to what’s not working for you. Do you suffer from: hypertension, emotional disturbances, digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, or chronic pain? These are signs that your body is not coping with the load that you are putting on it. Something about what you are doing (and that includes what you are thinking) is going against your natural grain. You are wearing yourself out. Meanwhile, your soul is on the sidelines, thumb twiddling.

You have wisdom

Yes, you do. You have wisdom beyond this ‘making the grade’ business. You already know from your own experience what really nourishes your soul. You already know – deep down – that a new car, nose job, or suit will, in a very short time, lose the desired effect – if it actually achieves it at all. So what do you do now?

One small suggestion…

Take a look at all the things you worry about in your life. Go through each one and ask yourself if you will remember them in twelve months. Their value and relevance immediately becomes apparent. Life is really very simple. Particularly if you cast aside that which is only superficial. What makes you stop thinking about new stuff and ‘the grade’? What makes you smile and feel connected – connected to other people, to animals, to nature, to beautiful sounds, to life? Give these ‘non grade’ things some of your time. And live a little.

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