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What’s the problem?

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Our modern lifestyles as did those of our ancestors create a variety of pressures on the body. Depending on a range of different factors including genetics, diet, exercise and stress we can develop a range of different symptoms which indicate our body isn’t functioning as it should. These might include musculoskeletal pain or immobility, digestive health, reproductive function, anxiety and mental health. Find out more about specific conditions we work with and the associated scientific evidence below.

 By incorporating acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice we don’t just aim to treat the symptom but the cause so you feel better sooner. To find out more information on specific issues you may have and for better health in Newcastle drop us a line.
Servicing Tighes Hill, Islington, Hamilton, Broadmeadow, Mayfield, Waratah, Carrington, Adamstown, New Lambton, The junction, Mereweather Lake Macquarie and Greater Newcastle

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Why us?

Jeff Shearer and Adrian Taricani are AHPRA registered acupuncturists. Both our practitioners have  many years of experience in improving symptoms while also focusing on long-term outcomes. We incorporate a range of different modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice creating a holistic treatment approach to help you get the best outcome in the shortest time.

Understanding what’s really going on means first talking to you.  We take your whole body – your whole health – seriously. So we ask some questions and listen carefully. But for most of your session time, you get to relax on the treatment table for acupuncture. By the end of your first treatment we have created a health plan especially for you. A manageable plan rooted in reality that suits you.

Feel free to contact us to talk about what’s bothering you and how we might be able to help.

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What to expect

Whatever it is, Chinese medicine is likely to have a treatment strategy for it.

First we take a detailed case to understand what is actually going on and how different aspects of your body  may be contributing to your particular symptoms. Then we diagnose and discuss what is actually going on for you because after all knowledge is power and we respect you being part of the entire process.
A symptom in many cases is the end stage of a long series of events, much like the tip of the iceberg. While some symptoms may respond a simple approach others can require a more detailed in-depth analysis to help resolve the underlying causative factors and the presenting symptom. Every body is different and so thats why we tailor our treatment to your specific needs. With a professional clinic space, easy parking and practitioners that take your needs seriously you are in good hands.
For more information about how we can help you to feel better and better, don’t hesitate to drop us a line

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